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 SHEA held our very first Make Sale! If you’ve ever wanted to buy a piece of hand engraved work, this was your chance. We had 11 titanium pendants engraved by SHEA members, representing 6 different countries.

All 11 pendants SOLD!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this a resounding success.

Next up, silver cuffs individually engraved by the various members of SHEA, just in time for Christmas! Keep an eye out for more information and a release date for the sale. 


My idea for this pendant was to use my personal style to make a piece of jewelry that anyone could afford. It features my version of "Americanized" English scroll, but with a twist. Where there would normally be fine shading, I instead used flare cut leaves to soften the transition between the areas of the work. The titanium of these pendants cuts dark and it makes the flared leaves shine against the main scroll work. 

This titanium pendant is a mix of styles and finishes. Relief single point engraving. From the intricacies of the borders, to the traditional and non-traditional elements of the scrollwork. A high polish with the use of the contrasting matte finish to accentuate specific areas, and create multiple levels of contrast along with the fine shading.

The starting bid on this pendant will be much lower than my asking if i was to sell it outright or be commissioned to do one. All in hopes that someone may purchase it, who might not normally be able to do so, also in celebration of the first sale of our group.

To be honest this was my very first titanium, I was scared but turned out really fun!

The design itself have no mystique background meaning, it is made for pure pleasure and the love of beauty. There's nothing to disturb enjoying the engraving at its purest. You now have the opportunity to buy this one of a kind pendant.

Welcome to the world of "Connections" – an exquisite hand-engraved titanium pendant that intertwines artistry with symbolism. Crafted with precision and passion, this unique piece reflects the delicate dance of connections we share with the world and each other.


The design of this titanium pendant is a blend of intricate patterns, showcasing the beauty of connections in nature, relationships, and life itself. The flowing lines and detailed engravings symbolize the intertwining paths we navigate throughout our lives, constantly connecting and impacting those around us.


Crafted from high-grade titanium, this pendant embodies strength, resilience, and sophistication. Titanium is renowned for its durability, making this piece a lasting symbol of your own strength and the connections you hold dear.

This piece is a what I would refer to as a ‘study’ of organic flowing lines and geometric shapes working in harmony. It’s a particular design I’ve had in mind for a while with large segmented leaf ends but more traditional inner elements flowing into them. Additionally I wanted to create an effect of falling open square shapes that the design wraps around to create a sense of extra movement. The large open space of this pendant was the perfect canvas to test this out on.

My piece represents the complex facets of the concept of righteousness and justice. The Angel wings represents the purity of thought which is needed to decide what is wrong from right. The broken chain around her wrist represents  being bound to no one and having no bias. Her blade  and face shows the marrs of battle but still gleams for the many battles ahead, she is blind and holds the balances as a traditional symbols of justice. She is exposed but yet confident to represent the vulnerability of being honest with oneself and others while passing judgment. The scrollwork starts as a rough relief and ends in a polished finer  engraving to represent hope for the future and change. This piece was engraved in titanium a metal known for its strength also a bullet-Proof representation relating back to my theme. 


I have been blessed to be able to participate in the very first group project of SHEA. It has been a pleasure and honour to be working on this project alongside some absolutely fantastic people and great artists. 

I engraved my contribution in a simple, yet elegant style, 2 different "classical" border patterns and a relieved background. 

A hand engraved titanium pendant, can be worn, or displayed as an art piece. It features a classic set of comedy and tragedy masks, wrapped in single point shaded scrollwork and some dotted background for contrast.

As a kid growing up, the Smile Now Cry Later masks symbolized maintaining a happy or confident countenance, regardless of whatever one was going through. In this piece, I incorporated some of my favorite images from my youth, along with a much smaller version of the scrollwork, that I typically engrave on custom vehicles and motorcycles, to combine my past and present on this piece.

Titanium Pendant

“Nesting Critters”


This Pendant is a part of my ongoing exploration of personalizing traditional scrollwork, and incorporating it into work as an Artist, Sculptor, Draftsman and Engraver.

While engraving, my mind was already set up for a long trip to visit old places and meet familiar faces I haven't seen in a while. I was listening to this particular song and constantly thinking about how patience and goals influence our lives but in the end " continues endlessly, like the rain". „Rain” is a hand engraved pendant hand engraved on a titanium dogtag of the best quality around -- it will definitely outlive us.


This piece is a titanium dog tag pendant hand engraved with a scrollwork motif. This was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to work with titanium. Being included in a project like this was special for me as I was able to be inspired by engravers who I really admire. I think our individuality and personalities came through in the final results. 

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